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BBC The Traitors

We brought a BBC hit: The Traitors, to Fortnite.







Dec 2022

Putting the Game in Gameshow

Working closely with show producers Studio Lambert, format creators IDTV and Claudia Winkleman herself, we brought BBC’s hit new show The Traitors into Fortnite Creative, bridging the virtual world with real world entertainment.

The problem

Poker Faces are not supported

Bring a game show to life in Fortnite, one that relied on subtle emotions, tells, and body language on a platform that doesn’t support subtle emotions, tells, and body language.

The solution

Making Deception Playable

To remain faithful to the show, whilst also engaging the Fortnite player base, we launched a game mechanic in Fortnite Creative that gave the selected Traitor special abilities and power-ups, which they could not actually use if they wanted to remain anonymous.

A game of deception, skill and trust, players were assigned either the role of a Faithful or a Traitor. Dropped into a castle in the Scottish Highlands, they needed to complete a series of challenges to earn points and get to the top of the leaderboard - from escaping a haunted castle and mastering the castle maze, to falling from the heights of the tower, and becoming the ultimate archer. The Traitor, whose aim is to take out all other players without getting caught, could complete the challenges faster with their special abilities, however using them too often could give them away. The Faithfuls objective is to find the Traitor and banish them at the roundtable vote, before they become the next victim.

To tie back to the show, we worked closely with Claudia Winkleman on a trailer promoting the Fortnite experience. This launched across Fortnite community forums and was also livestreamed by singer-songwriter and UK-based streamer Talia Mar, who played the game with friends on Twitch. To amplify this further, we also collaborated with UK Fortnite creator Ali-A to create bite-size content on Tik Tok to further reach the Fortnite community and youth audiences.

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Metavision's deep knowledge in gaming design allowed us to create a gaming experience that far exceeded our expectations... they developed an incredible virtual world that had our fans going crazy!

Isabella Kursman Neri


"It’s truly rare to find a partner as collaborative, creative and effective as Metavision."

Elisabeth Stone


Metavision have been a joy to work with; they took the time to understand us and the show to incorporate its key format beats

Pukar Mehta

two four group & multistory media

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