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The Void

We put the game in gameshow, with one of the very first TV IP adaptations to Fortnite







Aug 2021

Into the Void

With the launch of The Void, ITV became the first UK broadcaster to utilise Fortnite Creative. We extended ITV’s new Saturday night TV show into the metaverse, enabling audiences to turn into participants as they took on their own in-game version of the challenges seen in the programme.

The problem

Putting the Game in Gameshow

Launch the brand new, high octane Saturday night game show in the metaverse.

The solution

The format of The Void lended itself perfectly for Fortnite Creative. The show sees contestants put themselves to the test by taking on a wide range of mentally and physically demanding challenges, all whilst navigating the terrifying prospect of falling into ‘The Void’. Viewers of the show are able to put themselves into the shoes of the contestants, adding an extra layer of interactivity to the passive gameshow format. Those who joined the experience were no longer bound by physical constraints, and the popular Parkour game mechanic was utilised to build an entirely new and visually distinctive Void experience for any players daring enough to take on all the challenges on offer.

The Void has achieved 819,000 total map plays to date with zero paid media spend behind it, demonstrating how we have very much landed on something which the Fortnite community loves in its own right.

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Metavision's deep knowledge in gaming design allowed us to create a gaming experience that far exceeded our expectations... they developed an incredible virtual world that had our fans going crazy!

Isabella Kursman Neri


"It’s truly rare to find a partner as collaborative, creative and effective as Metavision."

Elisabeth Stone


Metavision have been a joy to work with; they took the time to understand us and the show to incorporate its key format beats

Pukar Mehta

two four group & multistory media

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