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WWF Earth Hour

One of the biggest community led projects on Fortnite that show what can happen when creators unite.







Mar 2024

Earth Hour's Newest Nation

Utilising Metavision Network, we joined forces with the top creators on Fortnite to bring Earth Hour to an audience that otherwise would have completely missed out. By introducing new gameplay elements that communicated the environmental messages of Earth Hour, we went beyond millions of people observing Earth Hour activations. With over 4.7 million hours of engagement, generated over a single day. Fortnite contributed more Earth Hours than some of the largest countries on the planet.

The problem

On Another Planet

Earth Hour is an unmissable event that takes over social and city skylines around the world. However as a younger audience spends less time looking at city skylines and social media, and spending more time playing games, we had to find a way to make Earth Hour just as unmissable to a younger audience. The challenge was to transform their global Earth Hour call-to-action into an engaging series of integrations to raise awareness among gamers.

The solution

Fortnite Creators Unite

Metavision Network supported WWF's Earth Hour to create one of the biggest community-led event on Fortnite which mobilised players around the world to give an hour for Earth. To make this unmissable, we collaborated with prominent Fortnite creators like Bio, BigBoomer, Bullseye, Team Hive, Pandvil, PrettyBoy and TheBoyDilly to remix the gameplay in their maps to engage players to give an hour for Earth. These integrations featured elements that dimmed the lights, night-time environments, information plaques and customised skyboxes. Players again and again opted for the Earth Hour versions of their favourite maps.

This synchronised initiative demonstrated the power of the Fortnite community and the impact of integrating social causes into popular gaming platforms and virtual worlds. With over 5.7 million plays recorded in just 24 hours, gamers spent a combined total of 4.7 million hours playing the event. Metavision Network were able to engage a huge audience in energy conservation awareness, proving that even virtual worlds can contribute to real world change.

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Metavision's deep knowledge in gaming design allowed us to create a gaming experience that far exceeded our expectations... they developed an incredible virtual world that had our fans going crazy!

Isabella Kursman Neri


"It’s truly rare to find a partner as collaborative, creative and effective as Metavision."

Elisabeth Stone


Metavision have been a joy to work with; they took the time to understand us and the show to incorporate its key format beats

Pukar Mehta

two four group & multistory media

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